Welcome to Car Talk with Chrysta and Emma


This blog grew out something as simple as adding a hashtag to my Facebook posts, when sharing conversations between me and my daughter. #cartalkwithchrystaandemma was a suggestion from another busy mom, and I am ever so grateful. Emma and I spend about 2 hours in a day in the car, together. We commute back and forth from the South Bay of Los Angeles (where we live with my husband, Stephen) to Santa Monica (where I work and she goes to school). This may sound like a nightmare. Some days it is. Like the time Emma screamed at me for 45 minutes straight because I forget to sign her up for the school talent show, and the list was full. I should have told her closer to home. Another effing learning experience. But mostly it is a gift. Not many people get as much uninterrupted time with their children as I do.

I can honestly say that I am an ever so slightly above average mom. I juggle a lot. I take on a lot. We deal with a lot. I’m middle aged, perimenopausal and I get very little sleep. Still, I most often handle things relatively well. Mostly because I am not that hard on myself or the people around me. But there are so many things I am not good at: baby books, photo albums, anything crafting related, patience in the kitchen, housekeeping, carkeeping, pursekeeping, giving our dog a walk, any sort of regular physical fitness routine….The list goes on. I hope that this blog will keeping me writing regularly, which has been a dream of mine for a while now, and that I can expand on my ideas here. My life is far from perfect. It’s perfectly imperfect, as we say in our family. But it is a lot of fun. Thank you for sharing it with me.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to Car Talk with Chrysta and Emma

  1. I love hearing your conversations with your daughter it reminds me of many I have had and makes me smile and laugh out loud and I think we all need more of that..

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  2. What a great idea to add the hashtag! Your story reminds me of what my mom did with me as a child- all those talks on the road still bring me flashbacks. I commend you for doing the long commute and having so much on your plate.

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