Chrysta is a slightly above average mom, a loving wife, a full time elementary school teacher, an aspiring writer, an introverted activist, a good daughter, and a loyal friend. She just recently, and very happily, added Senior Consultant at Beautycounter to her already overflowing plate. Chrysta spends two hours a day in her car, with her tween daughter, commuting from her much loved home in the South Bay of Los Angeles to her much loved career in Santa Monica. She dreams of sleep, a quiet place to think, less traffic, the desire to go to yoga, and to one day becoming a minimalist.

Emma is a hilarious, quirky 10 year old. She loves school, music, swimming, musical theater, improv, her Labradoodle Jack and her many friends. Emma attends School of Rock, where she sings lead vocals and plays drums in a band. She is also painfully slowly learning how to play the trumpet and dabbles in bass guitar and keyboard at home. Emma was diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex at 6 months old and Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 9. According to those who love her, Emma is one of the most resilient, brave, funny, smart, badass kids on the planet.

Learning from her lack of baby scrapbooking skills, Chrysta started to hashtag on Facebook conversations she and Emma had in the car. This way, Chrysta could get down these exchanges in writing by the next stoplight (otherwise more definitely forgetting what was said) and Emma could have a record of their conversations via a virtual journal. That is when #cartalkwithchrystaandemma was born, and this blog grew naturally out of that idea.